What does ViralBuild do?

We are a Brand Management firm specializing in social media optimization. We manage social media websites, establish a relevant fan base, push promotions across social networks and monitor the effectiveness of these promotions with analytic tools.  Our focus is on small to medium sized businesses within the retail, restaurant, hospitality and consumer service based industry.  Below are some of the ways we can help your company.

Marketing and Web Development

We help your business push its promotions through focused Social Platform Strategies after conducting an analysis of the community and market. These strategies include promotions that engage users and encourage them to become fans and share deals across their networks and invite their friends to participate. We create custom facebook mini websites and influential twitter accounts that are compatible with mobile web. tetsumoto

Social Network Management

We manage your businesses social networks effectively to maximize its viral reach. We seek out followers and influencers with an interest in your business to help you develop a relevant fan base and maintain those relationships through personal interaction. Our design team can can create customized solutions for your presence on such networks and maintain a targeted mass of followers.


The Big Picture

We Listen to the conversations happening online that are relevant to your business. Understanding these conversations will better help you interact with and respond to the needs of your customers. From there we push promotions across social networks that encourage those users to easily share deals with their friends. Lastly we analyze and monitor the progress of these efforts to make sure they result in an increase in revenue.

Pricing and Plans

Viralbuild has helped us gain a twitter following of people who are genuinely interested in our products. We’ve noticed that after viralbuild built out a following online, as soon as we tweet out about special deals we are having, those products fly off the shelves. That never happened before.


Policies and Disclosures